His close friends, and long time Clients call him a Rockstar Business Man, perhaps projecting their underlying desire to be surrounded by classic and exotic cars where images of Formula One, Nascar, and popping champagne corks seem within reach... however, don’t be fooled, Rick Hunts reputation in the automobile repair market has been earned the good ol’ fashioned way, hard work, perseverance, and delivering what he promises to all his Customers, good work, on time, at a fair price.

This work ethic stems from his Midwest upbringing in Independence, Iowa, where his introduction to cars started while attending events his father Jack (a Veterinarian by profession) promoted at the Iowa Independence Motor Speedway.

In the early 80’s Rick followed his Uncle David to SWFL to build, and service a car fleet as part of an all-inclusive vacation package, a little a head of their time, they realized they needed to shift direction, and instead chose to focus on auto repair and storage.

Rick’s success, and stellar reputation in the auto repair, and service market in SWFL has been built over thirty years, to his credit he’s surrounded himself with an equally talented, and tenacious group of men, who share his passion and goals for Hunt Automotive, and it’s Customers.

Rick’s extracurricular resume includes a deep love of Moto X Racing, with the scars and accolades to prove it, albeit less so nowadays, as he says “no need for heroes…” he’s shared this passion for Moto X with his kids, and they too excelled in the sport.

First Car: ’66 4-Door Impala

Favorite Movie Car Chase Scene: ‘68’s Bullitt ...the iconic scene of one of the greatest, if not the greatest, car chase scenes in motion picture history where the Charger loses its hubcaps.